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Hello People, nice to see you here in my Home Page.

I am Demis Basso, PhD; researcher in M-PSI/01 (General Psychology) at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy).



22/12/2014 Last days as a researcher...
After too much time, I've updated CV, and pages here and there
05/05/2012 85th Alpini meeting in Bozen!
On this occasion, I've added the pictures I've taken when I was at the SMALP
13/03/2011 ...Hallo, was darf ich tun hier? Also, gehen Wir!
Updated affiliation and added new pictures
01/10/2010 "..something happened and I'm head over hills"..
Let's start, jumping in the new workplace!
24/06/2010 It was clear, there was nothing to say :-)
Since 1970 this rule applies (excluding the Korea 2002 scandal):
Final first place - exit before finals - Final third place. Alternating victories and defeats.
It's up to you to verify it, in 2014 Italy will get to the third place.
05/04/2010 Added Miscellaneous pages, and new photos
In the meanwhile, I have no salary but I keep on working hard.. Cross your fingers for me!
14/08/2009 Updated infos & Publications, added Photos pages
In the meanwhile that the Italian Government will decide upon our future. Hoping that in the CV a participation to "Miss Italia" will not warrant a Lecturer position more than a PhD title.
02/11/2008 Fight against the Italian law 133 and 180, fight against the final curtain on the Italian research!
They do not realize that we are going to pay moltiplied in the next years, what they are taking away from the research now. Italy will die.
21/07/2008 How to waste a life - video
"...han ragione di pensare che le bestie siamo noi." [..they're right to think that WE are the beasts] ("Un bimbo sul leone", lyrics by Luciano Beretta and Miki Del Prete)
29/01/2008 Added the Links page, as well as the pages in the other 2 languages.
Moreover, updated my affiliation and address to my new work!
17/12/2007 Many wishes of a Merry Christmas to everyone!
P.s.: I have added "Research Topics" and "Publications" pages
25/11/2007 The Main page is online!

Demis Basso, Phd
Faculty of Education
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
viale Ratisbona 16, 39042
Bressanone-Brixen - Italy
Ph.: +39 0472 014294


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